Hi, I’m Megan Luscombe. A certified Life & Relationship Coach based in Melbourne, Australia.

I worked with an incredible coach in my twenties (way back when) to achieve more personal confidence, relationship clarity and career direction whilst studying Psychology at university. It was those life changing sessions that started my own professional journey in completing my (national) certification and diploma of Life Coaching 2 years later.

What I learned about myself in those sessions (and have since implemented into my life) has become the foundations and building blocks of my life. Fast forward to now and I’ve been successfully working as a Life Coach (whilst running two businesses) for over 5 years!

I’ve always been an emotional, empathetic, soul driven, connection focused, make a difference, heart on her sleeve and no holds barred (with a love of swearing) type of girl. It’s these personality traits that motivated me to become a coach originally.

I wanted to provide a life-changing service to those wanting genuine support, real talk, real solutions, real strategies and real changes in their personal and professional lives. I wanted to challenge my clients assumptions of self and the world in order to ensure they’re living life according to their personal and unique values. I wanted to make sure that clients were proud and truly happy of their life and relationships. I wanted to remove excuses, doubt, self-sabotage, confusion, anxiety and mayhem from their lives and have them taking accountability and control moving forward. I wanted to leave my clients feeling strong, determined, empowered, happy and focused. To make this difference I knew life coaching was for me.

I don’t practice in the area of ‘shit talking’ my clients or feeding them endless ‘motivational’ quotes in the hopes they’ll resonate. I specialise in long term support, changes and transformations, not fleeting moments of positivity achieved by reading a phrase.

I work with clients by delving into their heart and souls to see what it is THEY truly desire. I then work tirelessly with them to make sure we achieve it. When a client works with me we’re in it together for the whole duration of our coaching/client relationship (and long after).

Whilst it is my educational knowledge and skills that make my coaching techniques unique, purposeful and effective, it is my life circumstances and personal experiences that ensure I understand my clients on a deeper, more emotional level. I believe it takes the two working together (education and experience) to achieve long term greatness.

I know too well that life gets shitty and before you know it you’re lost in the depths of grieving a loved one, dating someone you don’t love, being emotionally abused by a narcissistic asshole, working in a job you can’t stand, surrounded by toxic individuals, denying your own sexuality, becoming frustrated/disheartened with the fertility journey (read about mine here) and everything in between.

You see, these examples above are snippets from my own life journey.

I’ve been in a abusive relationship and (thankfully) left it stronger and more resilient. I was married then divorced. I came out to friends and family. I’ve survived the loss of loved ones to cancer and road accidents and learned to manage, understand and live with the grief that lingers. I’ve endured (and still am) a crazy fertility journey which rocked my emotions to the core but found the ability to keep moving forward. I’ve learned to manage my anxiety and I USE IT to make me a better person.

Sure, these scenarios may not be yours but they’re mine and have given me an insight in helping people with theirs.

If you’re curious about how we could work together I’d love to hear from you at hello@meganluscombe.com.au

Megan xo