Hi, I’m Megan (read all about me and my qualifications here). I’ve been on my own fertility journey (via IUI/IVF) for a few years now and know just how difficult it can be, especially when there is hardly any support out there to get you through (and god knows those mandatory clinic ‘counselling’ sessions don’t cut it!).

I started working with women and couples, just like you, to help and support them through what I believe to be one of the most emotionally and physically taxing times of life – fertility and pregnancy.

I saw a HUGE gap in the market when it came to transparent, honest, real and open support/guidance when it came to navigating the whole journey around fertility and pregnancy so I decided instead of complaining about it, to fix it.

Besides being on my own fertility journey and having worked with over 14 couples and 30 women on theirs, I’ve been in six births and am on my way to be certified as a Doula (certification completes June 1st, 2018). I can honestly say when it comes to support, I’ve got you covered.

My goal is to emotionally support and guide you through this time of your life in whatever way you need. This means I can support you throughout your whole pregnancy journey (including the birth), or just when you feel you need it more.

Perhaps you need someone who GETS IT that isn’t in your circle?
Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and need someone who can help you alleviate the stress and anxieties?
Maybe you’d just like an additional support for you and your partner?

Whatever the circumstance, I am here for you and I will help you.  


My role as your coach (after comprehensively understanding your current situation) is to emotionally support you, redirect your focus to the things you can control or change, provide you with tools and techniques to positively assist you and so much more.

We’ll discuss your current situation in depth and get all of your fears, doubts, worries and thoughts out into the open so we can break everything down so it’s manageable, realistic and approachable (as opposed to stressful, frightening and downright CRAY CRAY).

We’ll work together for as long as you need. 

It’s important you note that I won’t be providing you with bullshit motivational quotes (I’m not that type of coach) but by giving you the tools and techniques you need in order to take control of your situation and move forward with clarity, excitement, happiness and calm.

I’m able to support you in the lead up to birth, during the birth and well after it (which is when you might need it most). There is nothing we won’t be able to talk about and I will be there to support you every step of the way.

I want you to (whilst and after working with me) flourish and have a healthy, positive and memorable fertility journey and pregnancy.


Besides providing you with kick ass emotional support (seriously, I am the BEST listener) I’ll assist you in developing new skills to move past fears, anxieties, doubts and more. I’ll work tirelessly with you to ensure you have a positive fertility journey and pregnancy. If you want me as additional support on the day of birth for you (or for your partner), I AM THERE!

Basically I commit to giving you the BEST support (seriously), guidance and clarity that you could hope for.


I need your honesty and transparency when it comes to talking about your fertility journey and/or pregnancy (NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS). The more transparent and open you are the more you’ll get from working with me (it’s true). I’ll need you to bring your best intentions to EVERY SINGLE SESSION (no time wasters) because this is a team effort and we need to meet halfway. I need you to have a willingness to explore thoughts, scenarios and solutions you might not have thought of before to help you move forward. I need you to give our sessions everything you have.

Every. Single. Session.

(Side note: It’s okay to cry working with me, chances are we both will!)


Coaching sessions are held in 60 minute time-slots with your first 30 minute catch up being an introduction to the coaching process and absolutely free. This free catch up is held at a relaxed cafe over a coffee (or tea) or over a phone call (Skype is available too).

After your FREE 30minute introduction session, I recommend that coaching sessions are booked in allotments of 3 or more, this is to ensure the process works for you and assists in your current situation. Fertility & Pregnancy Coaching is only available in person.

The question you now need to ask yourself is: How much value do you place on having a positive fertility and pregnancy journey?

Ready to start a family or continue with your fertility journey? Then get in touch.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


Introduction session (30 mins)FREE!
Session cost – $207p/h

Before you turn away at the cost, ask yourself, how much do you want this?
Sessions can be purchased in allotments of 2 or more.