Understanding & Challenging Fear

I come across three different types of fear when working with my clients; I have since named them ‘What if?’, ‘Rock the Boat’, and ‘It’s Time to Go’ fears.

In this very short and to the point e-book I explain these fears and how you can learn to challenge them, with the hopes of providing you new emotional freedom.

You see, when fear is challenged and learned from, it can be used as a vehicle of personal growth in a variety of positive ways.

I hope these words, whilst they are brief, do just that.

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30 Days of Connection

I work with a LOT of couples and wanted to put together a fun list of to-do’s that focused on re-establishing deep, true and authentic connections between them.

I went with 30 things. 30 Days of Connection.

I wanted to make sure these activities didn’t focus on sex and (physical) stereotypical scenarios but rather fun activities, random spontaneity, new adventures and outside the box suggestions that a couple could do together

I hope they bring your relationship back into the spotlight and encourage a lot of laughter, fun, team building, bonding, growth and most of all, deeper connections.

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