Hi, I’m Megan. I believe that with personal honesty and accountability we have the opportunity and power to take control of our lives to ensure we are completely and wholeheartedly fulfilled.

My goal is to make you dig deep, get honest and get real with what it is you actually want from your life. I want to make sure that after working with me you’re strong, determined, empowered, happy, focused and ready to live a life you’re proud of (and excited about)!

I also want to make sure you’re fulfilled in a happy, encouraging, growing and satisfying relationship.

How incredible would it be if your life & relationships reflected and encompassed what truly makes you happy?


My role as your coach (after comprehensively understanding your current situation) is to redirect your focus to the things you can control or influence in your life.

We’ll discuss you, your life (or your relationship_, your current situation and what’s challenging you? What barriers are you facing? What’s stopping you from overcoming them? What are you scared of? Are you sabotaging yourself? WHAT IS GOING ON?

We’ll work together to dig deep with complete honesty and transparency. Get ready for REAL and RAW conversations because it’s these conversations that will change your life.

I want to remove you from your state of desperation and put you into a state of motivation. Not by providing you with bullshit motivational quotes (I’m not that type of coach) but by giving you the tools and techniques you need in order to take control of your situation and move forward with clarity, excitement, happiness and calm. You see, when you live in a state of motivation you are continuously making conscious steps forward.

Every. Single. Day.

I want you to understand the things you’re doing well, the areas that need focus, and the parts of your life (or relationship) which need much more attention.

You’ll leave my sessions able to generate solutions for your life instead of drowning them in doubt, drama, and disconnect. I want you to (whilst and after working with me) flourish.


I’ll assist you in developing new skills to showcase your true strengths whilst giving you tools to overcome doubts and weaknesses (don’t worry, we all have them). I’ll push you outside of your comfort zone whilst we eliminate those pesky, frustrating and downright annoying limiting beliefs. You’ll better understand your life goals and priorities in a way that ensures you create habits to OWN IT every chance you get. I’ll work with you to determine the values that sit in your heart and radiate from your soul, ensuring you’re living life in accordance with them. I’ll make sure you’re living a life that is TRUE TO YOU.

Basically I commit to giving you the BEST support (seriously), guidance and clarity so you can KICK ASS in all areas of your life and relationships.


I need your honesty and transparency when it comes to talking about your life (or relationship) and current situation (NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS). The more transparent and open you are the more you’ll get from working with me (it’s true). I’ll need you to bring your best intentions to EVERY SINGLE SESSION (no time wasters) because this is a team effort and we need to meet halfway. I need you to have a willingness to explore thoughts, scenarios and solutions you might not have thought of before to help you move forward. I need you to give our sessions everything you have.

Every. Single. Session.


Coaching sessions are held in 60 minute time-slots with your first 30 minute catch up being an introduction to the coaching process and absolutely free. This free catch up is held at a relaxed cafe over a coffee (or tea) or over a phone call (Skype is available too).

After your FREE 30minute introduction session, I recommend that coaching sessions are booked in allotments of 3 or more, this is to ensure the coaching process works for you and assists in your current situation. Coaching is available in person (in Mornington Peninsula), via phone call or via Skype. I personally recommend in person coaching for long term results, especially if you’ve never worked with a coach before.

The question you now need to ask yourself is: How much value do you place on changing your life (or relationship), for good?

Ready to take control and live a life you love? Then get in touch.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


Introduction session (30 mins) – FREE!
Session cost – $207p/h

Before you turn away at the cost, ask yourself, how much do you want this?
Sessions can be purchased in allotments of 2 or more.