Megan’s weekly podcast, ‘Life & Relationships (click link to listen), launched in June (2017) and is for those wanting real talk & advice when it comes to all things life & relationships.

Inspired by client sessions (which remain anonymous) and constant questions received via social media, workshops and client sessions, ‘Life & Relationships’ delves into common questions, misconceptions, assumptions and myths that surround the inner workings of relationships (plutonic and romantic) and the common questions and concerns surrounding our own daily lives. Megan also shares stories from her own life and holds NOTHING back.

Being a certified Life & Relationship Coach with a background in Psychology, Megan will deliver transparency and truth to her audience who deserve nothing but honesty offering practical solutions and tips for those wanting more out of their relationships and selves.

Not for the faint hearted (Megan swears a lot), ‘Life & Relationships’ aims to provide advice and assistance in an approachable way so listeners are left with options to move forward, think differently and grow in their relationship and personal lives.

Got a question you MUST have answered? Email it here (anonymity guaranteed) See below for episode list and click the episode title to listen now!

Episode ONE: The fear of being loved

We all bring different fears to the table when entering and being involved in a relationship (romantic and plutonic). In episode one I talk about the fear of being loved and how it holds us back. How we can overcome this fear and move forward in our lives and ways to challenge the fears when they enter.

Episode TWO: Resolving conflict with your partner

Arguments are an inevitable part of every relationship and are completely normal. In episode two I discuss healthy ways to resolve conflict with your partner and strategies to ensure you have more effective disagreements as opposed to screaming matches.

Episode THREE: Sex, Orgams & Oral sex

Three of my most favorite things to discuss, in episode three I answer three questions on each subject. Should you be faking orgasms? Why isn’t your partner going down on you? Is it normal for sex drives to decrease in long term relationships?

Episode FOUR: Identifying toxic friendships

Toxic friendships are best identified and fixed immediately however what are the signs of one? In episode four I discuss the signs of a toxic friendship and how you can best move forward from it or the steps you might need to take in order to fix it.

Episode FIVE: Relationship red flags

Some obvious and some not as much, relationship red flags are something every person should be on the lookout for. Whilst not all behaviours are malicious, when negative behaviour traits in a relationship aren’t identified and worked on they can spiral out of control. In episode five I talk about some of the key relationship red flags and how you can identify them quick!

Episode SIX: Lust VS Love

Today I focus on the difference between LUST & LOVE. What are the sure signs? What does love look like to you?

Episode SEVEN: Getting over a break up

How do we get over a break up?

Are there things we should stop doing? Should you post that selfie and be passive aggressive in demonstrating how angry you are? How do we get that negative voice out of our head? Should we keep our ex around (just in case)? What about talking to your friends? What are the best ways to manage your emotional self? All this and more!

Episode EIGHT: Start saying YES to you!

Are you always saying yes to everyone else but no to yourself? You’ve gotta stop it. Your wants and needs matter so today I want to talk about building your confidence and resilience in yourself so you can start saying YES to yourself!

Episode NINE: How do you define love?

How do you define love?

Today I explore this question and give some suggestions on how you can work out YOUR version of love and how you’ve been defining it in your life and relationships(thus far).

Episode TEN: Why you shouldn’t settle

“Perhaps the worst thing about settling is a missed opportunity.”

Join me today as I talk about why you should stop settling. How do you know you’re settling? What is settling and why shouldn’t you do it?

Episode ELEVEN: IVF sucks (and what it means to be a Life Coach)

I dive into my personal life and discuss my realities of IVF and how much it fucking sucks. IVF has and is one of the hardest things I’ve emotionally (and continue to) experienced, so I decided to record this podcast and open the dialogue.

I also chat about what it means to be a Life Coach and perhaps go over a few myths that surround the profession!