Relationships are long term investments in our future happiness. That’s why it’s so important to consciously choose a partner who’s right for us.

When rose coloured glasses eventually fade and we emotionally step out of the relationship honeymoon period, we need to know the person standing in front of us is still the one we choose.

Chances are you’re reading this because you haven’t had much success attracting the right person for you. Perhaps you go for partners with bad habits or who run away from long term commitment? Maybe you’re attracting partners who need to be fixed, leaving you to set aside your own self-care and needs. Are you over dating short term partners and are ready to buckle in for the REAL THING?

Let me help you understand yourself better and show you ways you CAN and WILL attract the right partner for you and keep them.

During my ‘HOW TO ATTRACT THE RIGHT PARTNER’ program you’ll learn:


  • What hasn’t worked in the past?
  • What have you been bringing to the relationships?
  • How learned childhood/family behaviours affect your relationship decisions now and how we can CHANGE them
  • What strategies and lessons you can learn from your old habits, ensuring your next relationship doesn’t fall into the same negative patterns

Throughout my ‘HOW TO ATTRACT THE RIGHT PARTNER’ program you’ll be able to:


  • Understand who you are as an individual
  • Understand what you want and need from a romantic relationship
  • Understand the core values you want from a partner
  • Understand what it means to love verses being ‘in-love’

Upon completing my ‘HOW TO ATTRACT THE RIGHT PARTNER’ program you’ll achieve:


  • Be a better you in a relationship
  • Know tools and techniques to grow and strengthen long term relationships
  • Understand and back yourself when it comes to your values and standards
  • Let go of past relationships and set-backs, because they don’t serve you anymore
  • Know what you want in a person and long time partner

Ready to attract the right partner? Let’s start right now.


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