Break-ups suck and moving through the emotional brain fog and heartache that comes with them often results in self-doubt, sadness, emptiness, questioning, anxiety and withdrawal.

Chances are you’re reading this because you’re currently going through a breakup or are you’re having a hard time adjusting to single life following a recent breakup. Perhaps a lot of time has gone by and you’re STILL feeling strung out and hung up on your ex. or going back to them only to be hurt again. Are you done feeling stuck and want to MOVE ON and just be happy with yourself again?

Let me help you get through, talk through and get over it this, for good.

During my ‘HOW TO HEAL AFTER A BREAKUP’ program you’ll learn:


  • What went wrong in the relationship?
  • Strategies to learn from old habits, ensuring your next relationship doesn’t fall into the same negative patterns
  • Accountability and understanding of your contribution to the relationship break-upand avoiding the same behaviours again

Throughout my ‘HOW TO HEAL AFTER A BREAKUP’ program you’ll be able to:


  • Understand who you are as an individual
  • Understand what you bring to a romantic relationship
  • Understand what you want from a romantic relationship
  • Understand what it means to love verses being ‘in-love’

Upon completing my ‘HOW TO HEAL AFTER A BREAKUP’ program you’ll achieve:


  • Be a better you with or without a relationship
  • Learn to let go of negative thoughts, patterns and habits that don’t serve you anymore
  • Gain emotional closure
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This program is specifically for breakup and relationship coaching.
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