Valentines Day is supposed to be one in which we celebrate and embrace all kinds of love, however the past few years I’ve begun to see a trend emerging where it’s normal to bag it out.

I get it, not everyone is in a relationship on Valentines Day.
I get it, not everyone wants to feel compelled to do something on Valentines Day.
I get it, we’re not all the same.
I get it, we should always celebrate love.

What I don’t get is this: Why does the day make some of the population so damn shitty?

As someone who works in the field of love and relationships daily (with singles and couples), I encourage everyone to embrace Valentines Day as a day of EXTRA effort. A day of EXTRA love. A day of EXTRA feel goods.

Of course being in a relationship means that you should always take the time to demonstrate and show affection/love towards your partner, but we can also agree that sometimes life get’s in the way and we become consumed and tangled up in other priorities and circumstances.


Valentines Day (if looked at positively) can serve as a reminder for us to reprioritise, take a breather, take a step back and to re-focus our energies back into what (and whom) really matters to us. It reminds us that for one day we’re going to show love, appreciation and gratitude to the one we love and value.

It reminds us to cancel that meeting, leave work early, get up for a cheeky breakfast date or whatever we want.

It reminds us to take a day, an afternoon, a morning or an evening and show love. It reminds us TO SHOW UP.

You see, Valentines Day needn’t make you get shitty (or project your own issues) towards it because when we strip it all back in reality it is JUST another day on the calendar. The thing is though, sometimes we need these days to REMIND us and pull us back in to what truly matters.

What’s so wrong about that? Last time I checked humans aren’t perfect every waking moment.

Do you need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentines Day? Fuck no! Just because media and marketing suggests otherwise doesn’t make it fact.

The rules you create around Valentines Day are just that, YOUR rules. So think outside the box a little and create your own standards when V-Day roles around (because it’s going to. Every. Single. Year).

Why not treat yourself to something? Go out to dinner with your tribe? Go to a movie? Have a YOU day? Do whatever it is that makes YOU happy and makes you FEEL LOVED. After all, taking care of yourself and your happiness is the most important thing in life.

If you want to be shitty and angry about the day, go for it. It’s your life and your choice and I’m not here to stop you (or argue with you about it) but what I will say is this:

  1. Your frustration or annoyance about one day of the calendar year doesn’t mean other’s shouldn’t be able to enjoy it.
  2. Watching people enjoy Valentines Day does not automatically mean they don’t celebrate love on other days of the year.
  3. How other people choose to celebrate or enjoy love in their relationship is their business, not yours. Try to remove yourself from projection in your own moments of personal annoyance.
  4. The rules that you apply to Valentines Day are just that, your own rules. You can change them at any time you like.

To those out there who will celebrate Valentines Day, I hope you have a blast! I know that I personally take V-Day as a way to do something special with my partner because she deserves it.

To those of you who don’t, I’d love to know why? Feel free to DM me on Instagram at @meganluscombe_

With love & gratitude always.
ML x

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