Do people really read these ‘about me’ pages and if so, how much of them do they actually read?

It’s questions like these that I ask myself whilst standing in the shower (shower thoughts) or waiting in line for a coffee…and I’m still unsure of the answer.

Regardless, here’s some information about me if you’re still reading along…

I’m Megan Luscombe, a certified Life & Relationship coach (certified with the Life Coaching Academy Of Australia) and doula living where I personally refer to as ‘heaven on earth’, the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia).

Did I mention I also studied Psychology at university in my early twenties?

I’ve been working in my field(s) for over 6 years (as of 2019) and I’ve got to say, I only grow to love it more. The clients, the experiences and the moments…they’re all magic.

I don’t practice in the area of ‘shit talking’ my clients, I specialise in long term support, assistance and deep connections.

When a client(s) works with me we’re in it together.

While my educational skills make my techniques unique, purposeful and effective, it is my life circumstances and personal experiences that ensure I understand my clients on a deeper, more emotional level. I believe it takes the two working together (education and experience) to achieve long term greatness.

Based on my own experience I know that life gets shitty…

We lose people we love (my Dad died when I was 14)
We date people we shouldn't (an ex boyfriend of mine was toxic, manipulative and abusive)
We surround ourselves with bad company (breaking up with toxic friends is HARD)
We stay in relationships that no longer serve us

Did I mention the whole fertility journey can be a nightmare?!
Did I mention that anxiety and panic attacks are crippling AF?!
Did I mention that getting divorced is hectic?!
Did I mention that gas lighting is real and being on the receiving end of an abusive relationship is fucked up?!

You see, these examples above are snippets from my own life journey.

I’ve been in an abusive relationship and (thankfully) left it stronger and more resilient.
I was married then divorced (all before i turned 25) and had to rebuild my identity.
I went from dating men to falling head over heels for a woman (who I’m now marrying) and began learning and loving myself in a WHOLE new way (I’m now in the most open, honest and incredible relationship I’ve ever experienced).
I’ve survived the loss of loved ones to cancer and road accidents and learned to manage, understand and live with the grief that lingers.
I’ve learned to manage my anxiety and somehow use it to make me a better person.
I’ve had unsuccessful IUI’s and IVF attempts and know how hardcore and at times, soul destroying the fertility journey is.

Sure, these scenarios may not be yours but they’re mine and have given me an insight in helping people with theirs. perhaps knowing a bit about my past might help you realise if we’d be a good fit when it comes to me supporting you?

if you’re curious about how we could work together, i’d love to hear from you.

i’m so glad that you found me.