working with a coach

No topic or area of is off limits when it comes to coaching, in fact the more honest and transparent you are, the better.

Please note: I only work with individuals who want to make serious transformations and steps forward. If you’re not ready to get real and dig deep, i’m not the coach for you.

for individuals wanting coaching, areas can include (but aren’t limited to):

  • friendships - scared to break up with your toxic friend? need clarity in making a decision and some personal strength to do it? this coaching is for you.

  • confidence - ready to own yourself and love who you are? need help breaking through negative thought patterns? want someone to give you pep talks to keep you smashing your goals? this coaching is for you.

  • intimacy - anxious in the bedroom? need clarity in understanding yourself and resilience in speaking your truths? this coaching is for you.

  • setting boundaries - worried about setting boundaries in your life/relationship? need clarity in how to implement them and resilience when it comes to enforcing them? this coaching is for you.

  • setting standards - fearful of ‘setting your standards too high’ or ‘setting them too low’ when it comes to friendships or relationships? need clarity and confidence in believing in yourself and choices? seeking resilience and self belief in your choices? this coaching is for you.,

  • learning how to better communicate your emotions - anxious about speaking your truths? need clarity in embracing YOU more? this coaching is for you.

coaching is available in person and via skype.
It is recommended an individual will book a minimum of 4 sessions in order to see positive changes.


i was standing on a pretty dark ledge, you pulled me back

“Before my sessions with you the world looked pretty dark. I’m thankful my partner followed you on instagram because that’s how I found you and booked in a session. You made me realise I could talk about how I felt without feeling like anyones burden. You’ve changed my life and saved it. Thank you.”

name not disclosed

since breaking up with my friend, i can breathe easier

“I didn’t realise how much this friend of mine was pulling my life down. They made me doubt everything and once I finally realised this, I was terrified of ‘breaking up’ with them. Thank you so much for supporting me through it all and giving me the clarity I needed. Life’s so much better!”

— Brittany

i’ve never been able to open up, thank you for helping me do it

“As a man I’ve always been told that opening up is ‘too emotional’, so I kept my feelings buried pretty deep. after three sessions with you I was so glad to be confident in opening up and sharing myself more with not only my partner, but with my friends. I’ve recommended you to my best mates and my brother. you make the world better, thank you”

— Matt

working with me will help you, so let me.

everybody needs help from time to time,

and there’s nothing shameful or embarrassing in asking for it..

stop holding yourself back. book in a session.