A pre & post natal coach creates an environment of trust, love and openness. They champion and support you as you bring life into the world and much longer after it. 


My role as your pre & post natal coach is to emotionally and physically support you throughout your pregnancy and well after birth.

It's an honour to become part of someone's pregnancy journey and I take my role very seriously. Please note that I am a certified doula and have been working as a certified life & relationship coach for 6+ years.

I will act as a support partner in all senses of the word.

Want to stick to a birth plan? You got it. Need someone to advocate on your behalf? I'm here. Keen for techniques to calm those inner voices? I've got the solution. Just want someone to give you a bloody hug and tell you 'YOU'VE GOT THIS!'? I got you.


“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it”

— Suzanne Arms


I commit to giving you the best support, guidance and clarity when it comes to your pregnancy, birth and post natal needs.


Whilst offering the full scope of services and support as a pre & post natal coach, I understand that sometimes all you may need is someone for a confidential chat in the hopes of alleviating some pre-baby anxieties. 

Perhaps you'd like me to show your partner support techniques so they can better help you during and after birth? 

Whatever the case, I can and look forward to helping you. 

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