Getting Over A Break Up
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Getting Over A Break Up


Chances are you're reading this because you've just experienced one or are currently going through it, I'm sorry about that.

I'm sorry to be connecting with you under such shitty circumstances and for the mountain you're about to climb in order to get through it.


If you attend this workshop you'll learn how to climb that mountain and get to the other side - FAST.

Together we will unpack your emotions (past and present) and dig deep into your current state of mind, ensuring we leave no stone unturned when it comes to how you're currently feeling versus how you want to be.

We're going to change your mindset from negative to positive, QUICK.

In this short (and believe it or not, FUN) workshop we'll work together to remove your sabotaging thoughts, challenge your pesky inner critic and have you letting go of the hurt. We'll have you saying 'BYE FELICIA' to your ex and moving into a space where the past no longer replays.

I'm going to give you the tools you need to put you in a positive mental space where you can grow, overcome and move forward from this moment in your life stronger than before.

Don't believe me? See what other's have said when they attended this workshop:

"Once I let go of the hurt and realised it was holding me back, my mind became so much clearer. Thank you for the clarity"

"You cut straight to the point and made me realise I was giving my ex SO much power over my current self. Who has time for that? You've made me so much stronger!"

"Now that I know how to move forward I feel so much better. I'm actually looking forward to finding myself again. It's so exciting!"

"Fuck you're good. I'm so glad my friend told me to come!"


Tickets are only $30+ B/F and include tea/coffee.


SPACES ARE LIMITED TO 20, so secure your place quick.



An open heart and mind.

Once you purchase your ticket you commit to changing and moving forward and I can't wait to help you do it!


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Resilience In Your Career
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Resilience In Your Career

Join Megan as she get's interviewed by Lucy Allen in 'Resilience In Your Career'

Keeping a mindset of greatness when it comes to our career can be hard, especially in today’s competitive business environments.

That’s where resilience comes in…

Resilience is a key quality that unites all successful men and woman. It is the ability to adapt to change and quickly recover from set backs in the pursuit of greatness.

It’s also a quality that, with consistent effort, can transform your business in all the right ways.

  • Are you wanting to have change careers?

  • Perhaps you’re trying to land an incredible new role or make a name for yourself in your current position?

  • Maybe you’re thinking about starting a side hustle but are unsure how you’ll juggle this with your full time work?

  • Or, you’ve already launched your business and want to understand ways you can strengthen your mindset from negative to positive?

Whatever the feat, the subtle art of resilience could be the difference between success and failure!

Resilience is a quality that dictates how you respond to the haters.

Resilience is a strength that sets you apart from the competitor.

Resilience is a weapon that ensures success regardless of the challenge.

The best bit?!

Resilience is a muscle that can be strengthened if you know what you’re doing!


Join Career + Confidence Coach, Lucy Allen of The Graceful Collective, as she takes an honest look at the qualities that unite resilient people and shows how some of our greatest failures and misfortunes can in fact be defining moments of our success.

She’ll cover:

  • The subtle art of resilience

  • Key traits that unite resilient people (and how to develop these)

  • How to strengthen your resilience muscles

  • The importance of resilience anchors (we all have them!)

  • And… when to engage your resilience anchors

PLUS, Lucy will host a Q&A session with incredible Melbourne solopreneur Megan Luscombe to understand how she’s developed such strong resilience across the many businesses she runs.

Megan is the Founder of one of Melbourne’s BEST markets, The Creators Market, a certified Relationship Coach, Doula and professional singer and is a resilient heavyweight when it comes to overcoming set backs and pushing the boundaries in business.


Resilience In Your Career is Lucy’s most popular workshop, with Kmart sharing that “everyone left the workshop feeling invincible both personally and professionally… like there was nothing they couldn’t achieve” and Leo Burnett describing it as “personal, engaging and powerful.”

See what they’re talking about and grab your ticket to Resilience In Your Career.


About Lucy Allen:

Lucy is the consummate PR professional, with more than a decade of PR in-house and agency expertise. She boasts a background in Journalism and Marketing prior to her PR agency life, and has an intimate understanding of how both client-side and agency-side combine for the ultimate PR marriage. Her big brand experience includes working in marketing manager roles at Red Bull and Levi Strauss and in agency on brands including ANZ and The Salvation Army. On the side of her role as Business Director of Thrive PR, Lucy is a Career + Confidence Coach and is passionate about empowering high-achievers to flex their resilience muscles and create their happiest work and home life.

BUY YOUR TICKET HERE (they're only $30!)

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