whilst i do also offer customised workshops to corporates based on team requirements, The following workshops (all 3 hours in duration) are examples of perfectly suited team building/development days:

  • Understanding & stopping self-sabotage

  • Workplace communication 101: how to communicate effectively

  • Managing a team - expectation, communication, confidence and boundary management

  • Trust in the workplace - how to create it, nourish it and grow it

  • Workplace boundaries - what they are, why they’re needed and how to implement them

what other’s are saying

“If you are considering enrolling in a workshop with Megan, don’t hesitate. She is as warm and friendly in person as she is online. Her no bullshit approach is refreshing. It’s clear that Megan is not only gifted when it comes to helping people understand and stop self sabotage but she also walks the talk. I've already started making strides in my own life as a direct result of what she has taught and I'm excited to see what the group achieves” - Liane [Birth Photographer]

Workshop was amazing. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect with it but boy oh boy did it get me thinking about some things that I have never even considered before. It was such a lovely experience and I really enjoyed how much everyone was willing to open up and talk about some seriously deep shit, and I really believe it was all because of you. How open and inviting you were with absolutely zero judgment, just pure, raw trust. Thank you! - Kayla [Real Estate]

I've been in 2 of Megan's workshops and both times I've not only learned about myself but I've had some really great laughs! Megan keeps everything so relatable and approachable whilst bringing in moments of her own life to demonstrate that we aren't alone. She instantly makes you realise that whilst life can get tricky, we’re the ones who are in control of it. I've told all of my friends about her workshops, we'll end up being her number 1 fan girls! - Sarah [Personal Assistant]

“We had Megan speak at a Mums group on the topics of ‘MUM GUILT’ and ‘SELF LOVE’, it was mind blowing. She made us realise how much we are harbouring and the self imposed pressures we are giving ourselves. After her workshop all of us sat back feeling so much lighter and more free. We’d recommend her to any Mother’s group without hesitation! - Cathy [Mum]

“I didn’t realise how much I was sabotaging when it came to work until Megan came into my office for a workshop. She made me feel heard and validated my fears, reminding me that I had opportunities every day to challenge them and overcome them. I’ve now stepped into a senior role at work and feel motivated to succeed! - Amanda [PR Exec]

“Thank you for creating a workshop space in our office where myself and the team felt totally comfortable to share and be vulnerable. It was so needed and appreciated. The whole team is still talking about how empowering the session was and how much it’s motivated us all to be our best selves! - Trish [Lawyer]