I am fortunate to have had some incredible clients say some very incredible things about working with me. Here's some of them:

I was thrashing around in the ‘reckoning’ and I knew there was nobody in this world who could have helped except you. You shone light and honesty in the dark places I sabotage myself and blew me away”
— - Anonymous (requested to not be named)
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— Pablo
I am not exaggerating when I say seeing Megan changed my life. I had never seen a counsellor before, and like many others, thought it was only for people with much bigger problems than mine. But, Megan lasered in (as she likes to say!) into truths I didn’t even realise I had been avoiding admitting to myself and accelerated lessons I needed to learn. There is no question that I am in a stronger place today because of Megan’s help and I don’t even want to think about where I would be if I hadn’t taken the leap to first reach out to her. Thank you Megan!
— Megan
We never would have gone to a coach had we not been recommended to you by a work colleague. Thank god we did. You showed us that we could get through anything together, as long as we had the tools and strategies in place we learned when working with you. Thank you for everything!
— Sam & Heidi
Going through pregnancy was one of the most exciting and scary times of my life. Whilst I had my partner to support me throughout it, having you there was crucial for my mental state of mind. You allowed me to open up in a non-judgemental environment and made me realise that I had everything inside of me to be a great Mother. Thank you for being there for me through the whole journey, I cant wait to recommend you to friends when you become a Doula!
— Jennifer Fletcher
Working with you has changed my life in so many positive ways. I honestly wish I had seen you sooner! Working with you for 3 months was the best investment in myself I’ve ever made.
— Samantha F
You are FUCKING AMAZING. Thank you for everything!
— Jaecob
Having you there for and after the birth of my daughter has been incredible. Your support, understanding, patience and reassurance has meant everything to me and more. I’m so glad my friend recommended you and when I have another baby, I hope you’ll be my Doula again!
— Deborah Holden
I didn’t know what a Doula was before I met you but now I’m making it a point to tell EVERYONE what it is. You made my birth everything I wanted and more. You empowered me, supported me and reassured me. I hope everyone has a birth experience like I did and I know if they’ve hired you, they will! Thank you SO much.
— Kathleen
Megan is a superstar! My wife and I searched for ages to find someone we both felt comfortable with and when we met Megan we instantly clicked and felt like she would be a great fit for us. Megan was great at listening, understanding what we where both saying and then providing is us subtle tips and tricks we could easily implement into our daily routines which immediately had a fantastic impact on our relationship. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and relatable I highly recommend Megan!
— Joe