available in person or via skype. 

life get's busy and that's why i also (alongside of in-person) offer skype sessions. this means coaching suits your schedule and is accessible to people all over the world. it also means you can be comfortable sitting in your own surroundings. 


available for

  • singles

  • couples

    (LGBTIQ friendly)


in person
$275 per hour (single)
$300 per hour (couple)

$207 per hour


working with a coach

No two people experience pregnancy, birth and parenthood the same way, which is why when it comes to pre/post natal coaching what we talk about and work on is all up to you.

Areas you might like to focus on are:

  • pre/post natal anxiety management, alleviation and understanding.

  • self-soothing techniques to calm and quiet the mind in times of high stress and worry.

  • physical and emotional support to reassure you that you’re capable, strong, resilient and owning it

  • strategies to manage the pregnancy and ways to build a ‘family map’ for when bubs arrives.

    and SO much more.



post natal coaching should be mandatory for every mother

“i’m so glad i found you when i did because after the birth of my son i was really struggling. i felt like i’d lost my identity and whilst i was so glad to be a mom i was also feeling so alone and sad. you made me realise that i was ok. you made me feel validated. post natal coaching should be mandatory for every mother. i’m telling everyone about you.”

— jamilia

i didn’t know this service existed until my friend recommended you

“i didn’t know this service existed until my friend recommended you and i’m so glad she did. you help me manage my anxiety and stress throughout my pregnancy so when it came time for my daughter to arrive i felt so calm and in control. my birth was made so much more memorable because of you. thank you.”

— alexandra

your warmth made me feel so welcomed and open

“you’re an angel on earth, without a doubt. your warm made me feel so welcomed and open, it’s like i’d known you forever. all of this made my sessions with you so valuable. when my partner and i plan our next child i will definitely be calling on you”

— justine


i can help you calm your mind, reclaim your strength and silence your inner demons. i can help you take back control.


every parent needs help sometimes,

be it before birth, during birth or after birth.

put yourself first and book in a session.