Working with a relationship coach

No topic or area of a relationship is off limits when it comes to relationship coaching, in fact the more honest and transparent you are, the better.

Please note that I only work with couples who want to make serious transformations and steps forward in their relationships. If you’re not ready to get real and dig deep, I’m not the coach for you.

for couples wanting relationship coaching topics can include (but aren’t limited to):

  • trust

  • anxiety

  • self-doubt

  • confidence

  • boundaries

  • self-empowerment

  • expectations

  • communication

  • pre-marital nerves and anxiety

  • intimacy

  • marriage

  • boundaries

  • expectations

  • communicating

  • re-connecting

  • conceiving

relationship coaching is available in person or via skype.
it is recommended that couples invest in a minimum of 4 sessions to start seeing positive changes in their relationships.


i wasn’t ready to commit out of fear but now i’m ready for love

“I wasn’t ready to commit out of fear but now I’m ready for love, thank you for helping me work through all of that baggage! I feel so much lighter and excited about the future now”

— Jackie

my husband and i are having sex again

“We stopped being intimate because of resentment that I was holding on to. Since seeing you we’ve been able to talk again which means…my husband and I are having sex again. We’re both so much more connected, thank you.”

— Tamara & Scott

we were so dependant and it became suffocating

“You made us realise the reason the ‘spark’ had gone out was because we were living in each others pockets. We were so dependant and it became suffocating. We now enjoy our time apart and it’s really re-invigorated us”

— Alisha & Tracey

working with me can help your relationship successfully grow & thrive.

even the happiest couples need help,

and sometimes we need emotional and physical support to work on ourselves before we can fully enter into a romantic relationship.

stop holding yourself or your relationship back and book in a session.