i am available for facilitating and key note speaking

   Resilience In Grief     workshop   Photo by Lecinda Ward

Resilience In Grief workshop
Photo by Lecinda Ward

Keynote speaking

I've been told in order to capture an audience that you must truthfully lay your soul and stories bare. I'm proud to say that this is something I do not only on stage (or when facilitating) but in all areas of my life.

Megan’s honesty is mind blowing. She let’s you into her world and is unapologetic in doing so. It’s inspiring to witness!
— Testimonial

I know that life gets shitty. We lose people we love, we date people we shouldn't, we work jobs we hate, we surround ourselves with bad company and we put ourself in emotionally taxing situations.  

Did I mention the whole fertility journey can be a NIGHTMARE?!

I’ve been in an abusive relationship and (thankfully) left it stronger and more resilient. I was married (to a man) then divorced. I came out to friends and family. I’ve survived the loss of loved ones (my father) to cancer and road accidents (my best friend) and learned to manage, understand and live with the grief that lingers. I’ve lived with panic attacks, self-doubt and over years have learned how to manage my anxiety and USE IT to make me a better person. I’ve had unsuccessful IUI’s and IVF attempts and know how hardcore and at times, soul destroying the fertility journey is. I've witnessed women give birth and know the power and utter amazement that exists when children come earth side.

I'm here to talk about it ALL. 

Speaker topics include(but aren't limited to):

  • Confidence - what is it and how do I get it?
  • How to effectively communicate in your relationship
  • How to positively apply love and apology languages into your relationships
  • Boundaries - why you need them, how to set them and stick to them
  • You're just not that into you - how to take back control, invest in yourself and say YES to your goals
  • Relationships 101 - what to do when the honeymoon ends and how to grow, maintain and re-invigorate your relationship
  • Getting over a breakup - how to cope, manage, learn and bounce back

I am flexible in tailoring topics to suit your needs and audience.

The Resilience Series:

In conjunction with a very good friend and professional colleague of mine, Lucy Allen (of The Graceful Collective), I also regularly host workshops and keynote sessions as part of 'The Resilience Series'. These series cover topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Resilience In Grief
  • Resilience In Long Term Relationships
  • Resilience In Fertility
  • Resilience In Your Career
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"Megan makes you feel like you're her friend, as opposed to her being a speaker. She has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable instantly. She doesn't talk AT you or dictate, but rather speaks at your level, ensuring you know she sees you AND hears you."


"Megan is hilarious. She puts it all out on the table and immediately makes you realise that you're not alone. Her 'nothing is off limits' attitude makes her so friendly and approachable"
“Without a doubt one of the best speakers I’ve heard. Megan got straight to the point and left no stone unturned. The way she was able to open up and share her own stories was unbelievable!”
— Testimonial