“you’re more than our coach, you’re now our family.”

you saw our family through the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy and then emotionally supported us through the turbulent and numbing days of post natal depression. you made everything easier. you’re so much more than our coach, you’re now our family. we will be forever grateful for you.

— amanda & tim

“I can finally open up without feeling nervous”

my relationship with my girlfriend was really suffering because i was so scared of opening up. thanks to you i am now confident in expressing how i and i can finally open up without feeling nervous.

— chris

“I got more out of a 3 hour workshop with you then I have with years of therapy.”

i wish i found you sooner but I’m glad I found you when i did. who would have thought Bachelor recaps would have made me stumble across you on Instagram? i’m so grateful for all you’ve helped me with and am going to recommend you to everyone who needs help in their lives!

“my workplace is so much better after your workshop”

being in an all female workplace sometimes makes it hard to deliver constructive criticisms without it becoming personal. after your workshop my team of 8 now understand how to have hard conversations in ways that aren’t threatening or accusatory. we understand how to talk effectively and it’s made us all so much more productive. work is so much better because of you.

“i honestly think everyone needs a megan in their life”

i never would have considered working with a life coach but your podcasts made me realise i needed you. thank you for my 8 sessions, they’ve changed me in so many positive ways and you’ve made me realise i have the strength and fortitude to achieve my goals. everyone needs to know about you

“you’re a fucking godsend”

you saved my marriage and i’ll never forget it. thank you.


i wish i had of booked with you for my first child, you made my pregnancy so incredible. i felt strong and so in control thanks to you!

— emily


“Everything we wanted and more”

it’s that simple. we are recommending all of our friends utilise your services when they have a baby. you’re everything we wanted and more. 

— teagan & sam

“life changing”

i can honestly say that all of my sessions with you have been nothing short of life changing. i’m better at communicating, listening and prioritising what it is i truly want in life.

— belinda


“you helped me find my courage”

when it comes to pregnancy i’ve always been so fearful, like i’d end up doing it wrong somehow. working with you has given me so much strength, you helped me find my courage. 

— angela

“we’re finally re-connecting, it’s like when we first started dating”

our relationship had become so stale and routine and in all honesty, we were in a huge rut. after working with you for only a few sessions we’re finally reconnecting, it’s like when we first started dating! 

— jayde & gerard


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