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Understanding & Stopping Self Sabotage

Did you know when it comes to achieving the best from your life and relationships that YOU are your biggest obstacle?

You've gotta STOP getting in your own damn way!

What's making you hold yourself back? What's keeping you scared? What story are you playing in your head that keeps you standing still?

I'm here to help you understand all of this and change it, for good.


Together we're going to understand self sabotage, why it's so easy to fall into it and how it negatively impacts your life. Then I'll teach you ways to STOP it in its tracks - allowing you to grow, thrive and just SMASH THE SHIT out of whatever it is you desire.

All you have to do is  show up and OWN IT.


What's the itinerary for this workshop? 

You'll get 3 hours full of diving in deep and getting to the core of who you are, what's keeping you stuck, why you're self sabotaging and HOW we can change your hard wired learned behaviours.

Join a small group of like-minded individuals for some deep digging, paired up with some laughs and real conversations in welcoming environment. 

  • You'll learn what self-sabotage actually is and what causes it.

  • How you can start identifying your self-sabotaging habits.

  • Learn how to bring in a positive inner voice instead of that annoying AF inner critic that's holding you captive.

  • Work out new patterns of behaviour and how you can introduce them to your life in small, meaningful ways.

  • Set some goals and making some solid, achievable plans for moving forward.

If you're ready to challenge yourself a little, I know this intimate workshop WILL positively impact your life moving forward.


What's your life changing investment?


That gets you 3 hours of YOU-time in small group environment with plenty of one-on one time (if you'd like) and lots of opportunity for questions. Tickets also includes nibbles and coffee/tea.


So, what are you waiting for? Secure your spot now by emailing me at

Let's change your life. Now.


Location: Safety Beach (my home, you'll get the address once you'd paid for your ticket)
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Date: Saturday, September 14th

*In this workshop you can participate as much or as little as you want. You won’t be forced to share anything however if you want to, it’s welcomed! You will personally be able to dive deep into your current situation and be encouraged to explore your own ways of thinking. It’s important to remember that ALL change and personal growth sits on the other side of uncomfortability [if that’s even a word] and fear. In this workshop you are truly supported and warmly welcomed.

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