What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a relationship between the client and coach. It is a Life Coaches job to provide tools, techniques and long term strategies and support that will positively assist clients in moving forward from their current situation.

Putting it bluntly, it’s the coaches job to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

So, who is Megan Luscombe?

Megan Luscombe is a Melbourne based certified Life Coach who specialises in removing excuses, doubt, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, confusion, anxiety and more from the personal and professional lives of her clients. Read more about Megan here.

Who Megan works with

Individuals and couples contact Megan for a wide variety of reasons and from a variety of backgrounds. Some are goal-orientated extroverts while others are introverted and methodical.

Often they’re at a point where they might feel stuck in a specific situation personally or professionally. They’re often people needing a bit of clarity or support moving forward from a personal situation. Sometimes they simply need someone for a confidential chat about what they might be going through in life.

In past, Megan’s clients have been struggling with relationship doubts or self-esteem and confidence issues. Some have had poor relationships with their partners, family or friends or they’ve been going through an exciting period in their life such as IVF/fertility treatments and they need someone to simply talk about the process. Coaching sessions with Megan have no limits when it comes to client needs.

No two clients are the same, and as no single solution assists everyone, Megan works with clients to address their specific needs individually so the best results possible are achieved. Working with Megan WILL help you.

A rare photo of Megan glancing at a flower

Megan’s coaching style

Intuitive and honest. Megan wants to get to know clients on a deep, emotional level. By offering practical and realistic tools and techniques to clients, they are left with calm and clarity in their current situation(s). While her style is not ‘motivational’, clients will feel motivated to change and grow. It is Megan’s job to challenge clients assumptions of self and the world in order to ensure they’re living life according to their personal and unique values. Megan wants to make sure clients are proud of their life (and relationships) and that they’re truly happy. She wants to remove excuses, doubt, self-sabotage, confusion, anxiety and mayhem from their lives and have them taking accountability moving forward. Megan wants to (and will) leave clients feeling strong, determined, empowered, happy and focused.

In Megan’s personal life

She’s doing much of the same things clients do. Reading, cooking, going on adventures with her partner (Gwen), socialising with incredible friends, enjoying (and performing) music and indulging in a glass of wine or two (and espresso martinis!). She is also training as a Doula. Read more about me here.

In the media

Megan has been fortunate enough to be featured in a variety of outlets such as Mamamia, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Guru and more. For a list of all media and editorial, please contact me directly. For a snippet of these articles please visit the media section.

Megan’s podcast

Megan’s weekly podcast, ‘Life & Relationships’ is available via Soundcloud/iTunes and focuses on all aspects and topics surrounding sex, love, life and relationships. Click here to listen and be sure to subscribe!

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Megan’s credentials

As well as studying Psychology at a university level, Megan is a certified (meaning she’s studied and gained a nationally recognised qualification) life and relationship coach (and has been for over 5 years). Megan has worked with hundreds of clients since launching her business which means she has hours upon hours of experience. Outside of this Megan is training to become a certified Doula and regularly runs workshops on a variety of topics for singles and couples. Please do NOT work with a coach who isn’t certified.

Consulting and Facilitating

Megan has conducted guest workshops for RMIT University, spoken on several panel discussions at a variety of events around Australia and has also facilitated group events for organisations and smaller businesses. Megan’s also provided a variety of expert opinion and guidance for writers at Cosmopolitan Magazine Australia, The Daily Telegraph and more. If you’d like her to provide these services for you, please get in touch.