Private (1 on 1) coaching focuses purely on you. These sessions are completely confidential and solely focused on discovering the real issues that sit at the centre of your concerns. Megan then provides you with positive techniques and strategies to break all negative patterns that are holding you back and are sabotaging your future potential.

Megan’s private coaching aims to help you (but is not limited to):

  • Build a stronger sense of self-esteem and confidence
  • Heal after a break up/divorce
  • Become a confidence parent and/or partner
  • Progress through pregnancy with confidence and clarity
  • Live life in accordance to your personal and unique values
  • Move forward positively from any current situation that is limiting you or holding you back
  • Re-kindle relationship spark and re-ignite chemistry and passion
  • Create mindfulness techniques to manage time, stress and anxiety in a positive way
  • Grow and maintain love in a healthy relationship
  • Better communicate your feelings in personal and romantic relationships
  • Eliminate self-doubt and negative talk from your every day life
  • Be supported throughout your fertility journey

Who are these sessions best for?

If you’re reading this, they’re best for you!

What is the process?

Coaching sessions are held in 30/45/60 minute time-slots with your first 30 minute catch up being an introduction to the coaching process and free. This is held at a relaxed cafe over a coffee (or tea) in either Prahran or Chadstone.

After your FREE 30minute catch up coaching sessions must be booked in allotments of 3 or more, this is to ensure the coaching process works for you and assists in your current situation. One off coaching sessions are not effective for long term, positive changes.

Once you are confirmed as a client, Megan will prepare a plan tailored to your specific and personal requirements.


Simply fill in the below questionnaire (‘I want a FREE catch up’ button) and Megan will be in touch to schedule an appointment!


How much value do you place on changing your life?
Sessions start from $90