for couples

Does your long term relationship need some fine tuning and nurturing? Are you struggling to communicate effectively? Do you keep coming up against the same old argument? Perhaps your relationship has become a bit stale and needs to be re-ignited? You might even be dealing with circumstances such as trying to conceive, infidelity or a relationship break down.

Whatever the situation, I can help your relationship.



Are you after support, help and guidance when it comes to your personal life? Perhaps you’re breaking up with a toxic friend? Maybe you’re wanting to chase your happiness? Do you need help with personal confidence? You might even be dealing with hard personal circumstances and just need an ear to listen who is completely outside of your circle.

Whatever the situation, I can help you.

FOR corporates

Are you wanting to bring out the best in your team? Maybe you’re wanting to learn better ways to manage conflict? You might even need help when it comes to establishing workplace boundaries. Perhaps you’re looking for someone to come in and provide workshops so you and your employees can brush up on interpersonal relationships skills and more?

Whatever the situation or topic, I can help your team.


I got more out of a 3 hour workshop with you than I have with years of therapy. I wish I’d found you sooner but am grateful to have found you when I did. Thank you!


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